To whom it may concern:

Four reasons you might like/want to join us in this endeavor:

1) 'Couple three four' potential patents and prototypes at hand.

2) Industry is in White Hot Green Trucking, -Aerodynamics.

3) Special fuel improvement EPA/federal gov. components purchasing financing program.

4) Manufacturing and marketing for world-wide demand.

5) White Hot 'environmental concerns,' -pollution.

EXAMPLE OF BENEFITS: Team drivers drive about 250,000 miles yearly. At 6 MPG = 41,667 gallons of fuel X $4 gal. = $166,668.

An increase of 6% in fuel mileage/efficiency via our wind deflectors = $10,000 yearly savings (per truck), PLUS,

2,500 X 20 lbs of polutants per gallon = 50,000 lbs. less polutants for the environment, -25 TONS of junk kept out of our precious environment!


I have a few potential patents that require immediate registration status (to give notice as 'Patent Pending' to apply for 'Crowdfunding.').

Two wind deflectors for commercial trucks requiring transport of refrigerated commodities and a 'Smart Grille' are at the forefront.

I will apply for 'crowdfunding' as soon as the first design is filed at the USPO. Will present $150k - $250k project aiming at receiving about $1 million.

I need commitments of $150k-$250k (I will apply for same amount as per above) to actually start the process before I'm funded (crowdfunding websites).

I'm invested 'to the the hilt,' lunch money included! I will DOUBLE your money within 24 months or contract for product at a 'better than jobber' price (great for a distributor-type and trucking companies).

Also, I will seek loans (via a promisory note) for a 2.5% monthly compounded interest rate.

I will place patents in escrow with instructions that such are to be held as collateral.

NO RISK, NO GAIN! Sell your 'white elephants' (anything that WON'T DOUBLE in value 'within' 24 months and invest it in a 'live-saving' venture.

THEN you can 'buy back' your white elephants, -if that's your thing. With your principle & gains you can now buy TWO white elephants! (diesel fuel 'murders' 20,000 'bystanders' yearly, in the US. Our products REDUCE pollution)!

Check-out more info at: continue.